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MrBTC gives our readers a brief run down on the ENJIN Project, ENJIN Coin & information relating to the cryptocurrency and their blockchain.


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Enjin was first founded in 2009 and the head office for the project is located in Singapore. Enjin has a long history as an information & technology company, one that boasts over 20 million users that are apart of it’s social gaming community.

Enjin started out offering community management platforms primarily gamers and developers. They have a been around providing products and services to the gaming community for a number of years and as such have become rather reputable among the gaming community.

Prior to launching their blockchain project, they were already netting millions of pounds in profit each year and had a huge customer base with over 18 million people registered on their community forums.

When Enjin coin decided to launch their blockchain project in 2017, the idea was simple, create a platform for gamers that utilised blockchain technology, that would allow gamers to own their digital items and assets in game.

They wanted to use blockchain technology so that players could provide proof of ownership of digital items and assets, so that fraud could be lowered and trust between players, buyers and sellers increased.

The idea goes a little further than this, they believe that blockchain technology can open up many additional options and features to gamers that haven’t been available to them previously, such as, leveling a character up through multiple games, titles & online universes, fair micro-transactions and allowing users to earn money for their time invested into gaming.

They plan to team up with game developers and publishers and put to use their digital cryptocurrenncy, the Enjoin token, and implement those tokens into games, creating smart contracts for each item or craftable material inside the developers game.

Since launching, Enjin have released a wide range of tools and resources that set out to make the most of blockchain technology, these are, but not limited to; EnjinX, the network explorer for their digital coin, Enjin wallet, the multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet and the Enjin blockchain.

The gaming industry is said to be worth over $135 billion dollars and growing. With blockchain and technology and cryptocurrency popularity and adoption growing rapidly, it is easy to see why Enjin has been popular among crypto speculators and investors.

With Enjin’s existing user base and their company reputation strongly in their favor, it has become a safe bet for many looking for sound crypto projects to invest in and get behind.

Their ideas and innovation or merging crypto and blockchain into one of the most popular industries, it is very unlikely that this project will meet the same fate that many other projects and initial coin offerings have fallen over this past year.

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