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Uptrennd is a new social network that aims to utilise blockchain technology and give the power and control back to the people.


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Jeff Kirdeikis is the creator and founder of new social network and social bookmarking website Uptrennd. The project is often compared to Reddit, a social networking and bookmarking website, but in truth it is so much more and tries to take everything that is good about Reddit and improve upon it.

Uptrennd plans to implement blockchain technology and make it’s website truly decentralized. Right now the website is a website built on WEB 2.0 technology but going forward they hope to change this and make the website run fully on the blockchain, meaning it will be decentralized, powered and controlled by the community as a whole.

Uptrennd is currently free to join and is powered by its own token called 1UPTOKEN.

The key factor that makes Uptrennd stand out from the likes of Reddit, is it plans to reward users with it’s token, that can be redeemed for real cash, for simply being an active user on the website.

Members will be rewarded with 1UPTokens for posting and sharing content as well as commenting and receiving up-votes on content.

Uptrennd currently share around 80% of the websites revenue with their users. They’re passionate about free speech, privacy & security as well as distribution of wealth.

With current social networks coming under fire for data breaches or selling on user data, Uptrennd is taking a stand, they are promising to never sell on user data and their goal to make the website run fully on the blockchain will be a step towards ensuring this never happens.

Uptrennd also noticed that social media websites and other internet based corporations were profiting from members content and data, nearly every company would take the majority of the profits while giving a small slice to the content creator.

Uptrennd wanted to make a change when it came to content creators, Uptrennd decided to give 80% of profits back to the community and to the content creators who work hard to share original content and make the website a success.

Uptrennd aims to empower bloggers, photographers, musicians, pod-casters and all other creative like minded folk, taking the wealth from the corporations and giving it back to the people who truly deserve it.

As mentioned above, the downside is that the website isn’t currently decentralized right now, however, they plan to achieve this in the next few years.

Right now the website attracts predominantly cryptocurrency fans and investors, however, the Uptrennd project is open to any topic and hopes to attract people with a wide range of interests.

Right now is the perfect time to join Uptrennd and be apart of the website’s growth.

You can find out more about how Uptrennd works, how payments, earnings and payouts work, as well as general information about Uptrennd here.

If you’re passionate about freedom of speech, privacy and security and want to get paid for taking part in the website and helping with it’s grow, sign up here and get started today!

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